Who Is Your Best Warehouse Employee? Warehouse Metrics

Every warehouse has a star employee: someone who shines brighter than the others, someone who picks more orders than anyone else, faster than anyone else. That star is often held up as an example to other employees.

Similarly, every warehouse also has an employee or two (or six, or ten) that lacks enthusiasm. They’re quiet, and appear slow. They pick fewer orders, they ship fewer orders. What if you found out that your quiet, most unassuming employee consistently picks and ships the most order lines, and with the lowest error rate?

Or what if your “star employee” actually makes dozens of errors a day and picks the fewest lines out of everyone? How would you know?

This is where warehouse performance metrics come into play. Does your warehouse management system offer you insight into your employees’ performance in the warehouse?

Latitude Warehouse Metrics, a module within Latitude WMS, gives you immediate access to warehouse performance data, allowing you to create reports and charts to track employee and warehouse productivity.

With Warehouse Metrics, you gain visibility into warehouse activities such as picking, receiving, shipping, and manifesting. Templates for reports and graphs make personalizing and organizing Warehouse Metrics data easy.

And with a Warehouse Metrics dashboard, you can access your favorite charts in a central location for at-a-glance assessments of what your warehouse is accomplishing in real-time. You’ll know immediately how many orders shipped yesterday, and how many have shipped so far today.

Latitude Warehouse Metrics also includes performance reports that can be tailored to specific employees or groups of employees. Performance standards can be specified and tailored to zones and tasks, and employee performance is tracked and measured against these standards. You can monitor employee errors and track daily activity.

You get immediate insight into who keeps your warehouse going, and who your real star employees are. Metrics provides you with the tools to hold managers and teams accountable for meeting company goals. As you chart a path toward increased profits, Latitude Metrics offers a clear view of up-to-date warehouse performance, and helps the best performers shine through.

To find out how a WMS can provide you with automated process and outstanding metrics, contact PathGuide today at 888-627-9797.

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