Warehouse Management System Features

Photo by Steven Depolo

How does a warehouse management system work, really? How does a WMS help you do business better? And what are the benefits to using a WMS?

As with most questions, the answer is “it depends”. Whether or not a WMS will turn your warehouse into a well-oiled, profit-producing machine depends a great deal on your warehouse, your industry, your business practices, your leadership, and your employees. But ultimately, a WMS should offer you the following benefits:

  • faster receiving, putaway, picking, shipping
  • more accurate inventory
  • fewer receiving and shipping errors

This might sound very basic, but trust us, these are major improvements for any distribution business. If you can ship your products to your customers be faster and more precisely than your competitors, then you’ve got an edge in your industry.

Your most basic WMS will offer you these benefits, and a good WMS will deliver all of that and more. As you can see from our Latitude WMS product brochure, Latitude WMS does a LOT more than simply making your operations more efficient in areas like picking and shipping and receiving. Latitude also does Returns. Cycle Counting. Replenishment. Package Manifesting (with certification from all majoy carriers). Consignment Inventory and Front Counter Orders. Holy heck, how awesome are front counter orders? So very awesome, that’s how awesome.

Latitude WMS has multi-dimensional functionality. It’s a broad product that also allows you to drill down into the smallest details. There’s so much that Latitude WMS can do for your warehouse, so why not go ahead and give PathGuide a call and see how we can help you gegive your distribution business a competitive edge?

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