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How long does it take to learn a warehousing management?

Intermec RF bar code scanner

Intermec RF scanner

Any warehousing management system involves new hardware and software, which can initially scare some warehouse employees. RF terminals (bar code scanners), for instance, while easy to use, can involve input skills that feel foreign to warehouse employees who aren’t familiar with texting. Incidentally, this is why some young adults are very adept at using bar code scanners/RF terminals – it’s more or less like using their own smartphone, just a bit heavier.

Are you worried that your warehouse employees will be slow to learn a new warehousing management system? When choosing a warehousing management solution, take the following training concepts under consideration:

  • A well-designed warehousing management system (WMS) has an intuitive interface that will seem familiar to anyone who is capable of surfing the web, which should be most people who work in warehousing jobs. It will be easily navigable, and simple to pick up. It should be accompanied by a web-accessible online help system and/or print documentation. User-centric design automatically reduces training time and costs.
  • Some warehouses have a high turnover rate, because local warehouse jobs are easy to find. If your warehouse employees flee to new jobs frequently, you’ll benefit from a good warehousing management system that automates manual processes. Drastically reducing training time for new employees ensures that you can easily grow your labor force as your business expands.
  • Warehousing solution training needs to use proven teaching methodologies to instruct, inform, and assure end users of the viability and advantages of the new system. A smart WMS vendor has a proven track record of getting new users up-to-speed in under a week.
  • Good warehousing managers will designate several system experts from their current warehouse employees who receive advanced training and can be counted on to help new and uncertain users become accustomed to the system. These should be employees who have settled into warehouse careers and are natural managers.
  • In-depth training must be provided as a part of any warehousing management implementation, and any go-live should include round-the-clock support from your WMS solution provider.

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