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Another Stellar Year of Company Growth!

Yep. We totally crushed 2017.

Without any exaggeration, we’re happy to say that this has been another stellar year for company growth. As 2017 comes to a close, we look back at some of PathGuide’s achievements and events this past year.

Highlights include:

New Customers.  It’s 12 for 12. We’ve welcomed 12 new distributor customers to PathGuide over the past 12 months. What’s unique about this year is the depth and breadth of industries our new customers work in. Some focus on the pool and spa industry, some on traditional HVAC and plumbing. One on beauty products, and another in the farming and agricultural space. What ties them all together is a desire to transform warehouse and distribution center operations into a world-class competitive advantage.

New hires and Investment in R&D.  PathGuide has an incredible group of employees, and we’re proud to say that we’ve added three net new hires this year. Our additions to the engineering group speaks to our continued investment in R & D within the WMS space. Extra talent has also gone into our implementation and training team. While part of this group’s role is to help our new customers get up and running smoothly, it also assists existing customers who continue to extend Latitude to multiple DCs and branch locations. What it boils down to is this: PathGuide teams are always striving to improve our products and services, allowing customers to better apply the flexible tools in Latitude to continuously improve their proficiency warehouse processes and performance metrics. Giving our customers a competitive advantage is at the core of our business.

Record Revenue.  Finally, thanks to our great customers, 2017 has been yet another record-breaking year in revenue. So, as we say a final goodbye to 2017, we certainly have a lot to be thankful for. It is only because of our incredible staff, customers and partners that we are where we are today. On that note, we’d like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season from all of us at PathGuide.

We look forward to a busy, happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018!

PathGuide Technologies Offers Inbound Transportation Management Module

ITM’s Advanced Features Expand Latitude’s Receiving Capabilities, Allowing Users to Schedule Incoming Freight and Track Carrier Performance

PathGuide Technologies just announced the availability of a new inbound transportation and dock scheduling module that integrates seamlessly with the company’s Latitude WMS. Developed in conjunction with several Latitude users, the Inbound Transportation Management module provides dashboards and other tools that make it easy to automate inbound delivery scheduling and record-keeping for external carriers, while helping to better assign staff and equipment when and where they are needed.

“Inbound transportation management is not something that is often requested,” said Andrew Weith, founder of ASW Global Consulting, a software consulting business that specializes in ERP and WMS technologies. “Most folks don’t yet have an understanding of the gains to be found by managing this part of the warehouse process.”

After receiving requests from existing customers to integrate delivery management capabilities into Latitude, PathGuide discovered that most small and medium-sized warehouses currently use old-school whiteboards, basic spreadsheets or calendars to track and manage incoming deliveries.

“This Inbound Transportation Management module for Latitude isn’t just an electronic whiteboard to assign a dock door for a truck,” said Greg Laycock, vice-president of research and development at PathGuide. “What makes this module so valuable is the powerful metrics that give managers the ability to plan staffing levels, evaluate inbound carriers and reduce errors in receiving. Latitude already handles receiving extremely well, so extending this expertise into inbound transportation allows our customers to manage time, space, people and vendors much more effectively.”

End users can access and update the delivery schedule through an RF terminal or Latitude’s web interface using the new module. They can easily see which trucks have arrived, which are being unloaded, and which deliveries have been completed. The system stores data on all deliveries, giving management documentation and evidence of any issues. For example, if an inbound carrier consistently arrives late or delivers damaged shipments, the distributor now has an accurate record of those incidents and can use the information to bring it to the carrier’s attention, negotiate a better price or find another carrier.

The Inbound Transportation Management module has completed beta testing and is now in general availability. It’s just the latest of several advanced features for Latitude WMS, such as voice picking and vendor managed inventory. All of these modules are designed specifically for Latitude WMS. For more information about this module or any of PathGuide’s products, please contact PathGuide at clientservices@pathguide.com or call +1-888-627-9797.