Get Ready for the 2011 Latitude User Conference


PathGuide Technologies couldn’t be more excited about our upcoming Latitude User Conference, to be held in Las Vegas at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa.

That’s right – we said Resort and Spa. What? You think that warehouse workers don’t need pedicures? We do. Probably more than most people.

Anyway, the Latitude User Conference – your best chance to get advanced systems training, meet other Latitude WMS users, and learn new ways to add efficiency to your business processes.

Two days of hands-on WMS training is great, of course, but you’re also in Las Vegas! You’ll be gambling at lunch, catching shows after dinner, and in between all the non-stop fun, you’ll learn more than you ever thought you could about how to make your distribution center sing like a well-oiled machine.

If you’re not currently a Latitude WMS customer, attending the Latitude User Conference will be one of the smartest ways to analyze the product and learn the advantages (and yes, any downsides) from ACTUAL customers who already use the system.

So, register now for the 2011 Latitude User Conference! C’mon, it’s in Vegas, how can you say no?

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