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Top 10 Reasons to Register for the Latitude User Conference 2014

seattle skylineEvery year, PathGuide Technologies hosts the Latitude User Conference, a chance for our current and future customers to get together to learn, network, and have fun. We combine hands-on warehouse management training with sneak-peeks at new and upcoming Latitude WMS features.

We also offer one-on-one customized training sessions (tailored to your company’s needs) with our engineering team.

This year, we are hosting the Latitude User Conference in beautiful Seattle, WA.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should join us:

  1. In Seattle, you get to see rain in its most natural habitat.
  2. With an outstanding downtown location, you’ll be just blocks from all that the city has to offer.
  3. Did we mention the dinner cruise?
  4. Network, hobnob, rub elbows, chitchat, and make friendly with PathGuide employees, users,
    and partners.
  5. Latitude power users will divulge to you their best-kept secrets for running a lean, mean distribution machine.
  6. Seattle is home to the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks! Stand in awe outside of a home game that no one can afford to buy tickets to anymore.
  7. Do more than simply get caffeinated on Starbucks coffee at breakfast—get inspired with a rousing keynote.
  8. Get a sneak-peak at upcoming product features without resorting to NSA-style spying tactics.
  9. Hands-on training sessions mean that you won’t have to remove your hands.
  10. Your PathGuide account manager is practically required to buy you a beverage of your choice.

Register today and save!

Latitude 2011 User Conference

Well, another year, and another successful PathGuide User Conference! The 2011 Latitude User Conference included 72 customer attendees (65 companies!), 2 prospective clients, and 4 partner vendors. Continue reading

Get Ready for the 2011 Latitude User Conference


PathGuide Technologies couldn’t be more excited about our upcoming Latitude User Conference, to be held in Las Vegas at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa.

That’s right – we said Resort and Spa. What? You think that warehouse workers don’t need pedicures? We do. Probably more than most people. Continue reading

PathGuide User Conference 2010 – President’s Recap


Eric Allais (PathGuide Technologies), David Maldonado (Gexpro), Greg Laycock (PathGuide), Scott Poehlein (Gexpro)


We here at PathGuide gear up for our yearly Latitude WMS users’ conference a couple of months in advance. Modules are updated, assignments given, presentations brushed up and revamped, databases and VMs tinkered with. While half of us deal with making sure the rooms are booked and the guests invited, the other half of the village strives to provide our users with a useful overview of this year’s solutions and innovations, in ways that are both informative and fun.

Nerves fray as I ask people not accustomed to giving public presentations to stand up and explain a module to our most critical (and supportive) experts – the people who use our product. It all culminates in a couple of days of intense discussion and hands-on learning. Ideas are thrown around, notes are taken. Meals are shared, and concerns are voiced. Beer is consumed in vast quantities.

When the dust clears, hopefully our valued customers are not only awakened to what the future holds but energized to put the warehousing science into practice. Every software company knows that software users are the real experts. Sure, we take pride in our excellent engineering team, but nothing beats a Latitude user for pinpointing efficient warehouse process and controls.

PathGuide wouldn’t have a product worth discussing if it wasn’t for the feedback and brainstorming that occurs every year during our annual Latitude User Conference. Our clients make up the most important part of our community – they are the ones who review our product, use it on a daily basis, and improve its functionality through their suggestions and, yes, even their complaints. I can testify that our engineering and support staff returned from this year’s user conference both mentally invigorated and newly appreciative of just how vast a collective knowledge pool our users provide to us, and to each other.

Here’s to our continued stamina, and our motivation to push our product forward in the name of organization to progress. Thanks to all of our customers who joined us this October to help make our product an even more valuable investment.

Totally Amazing 2010 PathGuide User Conference


Photo by WouteR

Photo of San Diego skyline by WouteR, Flickr Creative Commons


PathGuide employees are all back in our Seattle-area office after several days in (oddly rainy) San Diego, CA, where we were holding our 2010 PathGuide WMS Latitude User Conference.

We here at PathGuide Technologies are in the habit of holding a user conference once a year. This not only gives us a chance to showcase new technologies development in our warehouse management system, but also provides a forum for our users to provide us, and each other, with valuable feedback and best practices information. We also relish the opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face, since so much of modern business takes place over the phone or the internet.

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