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Latitude WMS/ERP Integrations: EPICOR Eagle for Retail Distribution Operations

Latitude WMS and Eagle

WMS integration with Eagle ERP

If you run a retail distribution business, you know that there’s not much wiggle room for error anymore. Your customers expect a wide variety of products, in stock, all the time. With the peaks and valleys inherent in retail operations, it’s never been more important for retail distribution businesses to employ a warehouse management system (WMS).

PathGuide and EPICOR Parntnership

PathGuide’s Latitude WMS has partnered with Epicor’s Eagle ERP for a full-featured integration of the two systems. The Eagle side manages your back office while Latitude WMS takes care of your warehouse.

With Latitude WMS, you can manage multi-channel retail distribution efficiently and with ease – so you can work smarter, not harder.

Turn your chaotic warehouse into a model distribution operation with a full-featured WMS. Get started with:

With Latitude Advanced Metrics, you can measure your operation’s efficiency by branch, zone, shift, and even by employee. Performance data gives you a powerful tool to set performance goals and even create inventive programs.

If your business operates on the Epicor Eagle ERP system, you’ll find an amazing partner in PathGuide’s Latitude WMS.

PathGuide’s Latitude WMS also works in conjunction with other major ERP systems.