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Six Implementation Questions Customers Always Ask

Purchasing a WMS is a business investment that PathGuide customers take very seriously. Any warehouse upgrade involves a number of necessary changes to work processes, and a WMS is no exception. Customers can sometimes become intimidated if they get too caught up worrying about the implementation and assuming that these changes will be difficult.

But that’s simply not the case. With the proper training and staff buy-in, a WMS install doesn’t need to be an arduous process. To address some of the most common concerns, here is a list of popular questions from new WMS customers, and how we answer them:

  • How long is this going to take? It can take anywhere from four to nine months, depending on the warehouse’s specifics and how well the company has prepared for a rollout. An internal champion who works closely with us for troubleshooting and scheduled employee training can help a new customer go live much more quickly.
  • How will Latitude interface with our business system? Will we have to change anything? Probably not. Latitude integrates with all major ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, and Infor.
  • How do we set up a RF network in our warehouse? How many access points will we need? What about better servers or higher network speeds? A PathGuide engineer will visit a new customer’s warehouse and do a complete walkthrough to determine exactly how the customer operates and what its needs are. They will handle technical problems like this.
  • How does training take place? We usually bring customer representatives to our Seattle office and let them practice with Latitude in our mock “warehouse” training room. We’ll also send PathGuide engineers to conduct on-site trainings, and we encourage customers to follow up with their own hands-on training.
  • Can we get Latitude to do _______? The answer is almost always yes. Latitude is highly customizable and we can usually modify it to fit the customer’s exact needs.
  • Can we get documentation or checklists for all of this? Of course! We want to make the tools in Latitude WMS as easy to use and accessible as possible.

Implementation can seem intimidating if you look at it in its entirety, but it isn’t as difficult as most people believe at first. That’s why it’s our job to break the process down into manageable chunks and help our customers get through the implementation one step at a time. This personal touch helps our customers feels more secure and leads to a smoother rollout – and that’s better for everyone.

PathGuide Finishes 2015 Strong with Four New Customers!

PathGuide wrapped up a great 2015 by adding four new customers in December. Here’s an introduction to some of the new distributor companies that will be deploying Latitude WMS across their operations in the coming months.

  • Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies  Centinela is a family-owned feed and pet store chain with fifteen locations across southern California. It offers pet supplies and related services such as dog training, grooming and vaccination. It has a long and colorful history in Torrance and Los Angeles; in fact, one of its older stores was a historical landmark In Barnes City before the area became a part of L.A.
  • Engineered Specialty Products Located in Kennesaw, Georgia, ESP Inc. provides its customers with high-quality gauges, thermometers, instruments and other sensors. We’re happy to be working with another growing industrial products distributor.
  • Coastal Farm and Ranch  Coastal Farm and Ranch’s distribution center serves 15 stores in the Pacific Northwest from its home base in Albany, Oregon. Part of the Mid-States Group, the company specializes in outdoor products, workwear, livestock feed, tools and gear for farm and ranch communities.
  • Devil Mountain Nursery One of our more unique customers, Devil Mountain Nursery is a plant wholesaler in San Ramon, CA. It offers a wide variety of materials to local landscapers and gardeners, including drought-resistant plant species. We’re looking forward to helping the company with some of the unique challenges involved in tracking and shipping live plants.

These businesses show the breadth of PathGuide’s continuing growth and have one thing in common: a commitment to quality customer service. We look forward to helping each one of these operations achieve their fullest potential in 2016!