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What kind of support does my WMS have?

Implementing a WMS system in a warehouse is obviously not a small undertaking. That’s why choosing the correct vendor to supply your WMS solution is as important as choosing the right dealership to buy your car from.

First, you need to find a vendor who has a long history in the business and a list of successful clients from a wide range of industries. Finding a vendor with experience not only ensures that you will be purchasing a WMS system that incorporates years of feedback from a variety of clientele, but also provides assurance that the company will remain in business in the years to come. In a fragile economy, a vendor’s longevity isn’t an issue that can be overlooked. Continue reading

Are cheaper WMSs better?

Photo by David Paul Ohmer

When it comes to making a purchase as large and important as a WMS, start-up cost is not a minor factor. It’s not as if purchasing a warehouse management system is a small investment, after all. From the cost of the actual equipment to the software, to the training, to all of the employee time invested in learning how to work with inventory management, implementing a warehouse management system is a big deal. Continue reading